He said, what I want from McCDonalds is 4%.

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2004 outfit was amazing

never seen 2003 though

 You know about the Emperor who had no clothes, he asked? Yes I've heard of it, she said. Yes they believed so much in the power of their language, that the Emperor was convinced everybody could see his beautiful clothes, even though he couldn't see it himself. And? He had been taxing everybody so heavily to buy these new clothers, that everyone wanted to see where their money was going. I see. But the man who was making all these clothes wasn't getting paid either, not even anything for food? Even though he wasn't making anything? Well he was making a lot of things, he said, because he invented a better type of loom, and he was weaving all these designs in gold and silver thread into the silk. You never mentioned silk, I interrupted him. Yes silk, in pink and all sorts of beautiful colours and designs and words and symbols which meant nothing to the people because they were just poor and illiterate. The emperor owned a silk worm farm and a mulberry orchard for the catipillers to eat. The Japanes even tried to steal some silkworms butterflies, but he refused to sell them to them. Have you heard of taking silk? That was when at another time in China, they discovered law, and law courts, and people were bringing so many cases under the law, and each file had to be tied up with string, that they literally ran out of string, and had to use silk. Is that relevant, I asked him? No, perhaps not, he admitted, but the weaver chap decided to make a pair of robes for the Emperor, and when there was no money for them, decided to keep them for himself and his wife. The Queen, I said. The Phoenix, a mythical bird he said.


 What was this story you wanted to tell me, I asked him. Oh yes, he said, I'm not sure if you know what human rights are, but where we live there are none. None at all, I asked? That's what a letter I received from the human rights commission tells me, he said. Tis all sounds very boring I thought, but didn't say anything. We have a Treaty saying all citizens of the country can't have their human rights taken away, and have the same rights as British citizens, but teh human rights commission says that there isn't actually a law guaranteeing those rights, and until there is, they can't help. What sort of rights, I asked? Just the basic ones, the right to leave the country if a citizen wishes to, the right to form a legal contract, like a marriage contract. What is stopping you, I asked. A court order, I said, I don't even have the right to make a legal will. And you want to, I asked? When I made one,and I don't have a lot of property, just a house and section and a car, and I left it all to my sister, the judge of the High Court said it isn't legal and I should make another one with the property manager they appointed. On what grounds, I asked? He was getting all weird again. Some medical report the Guardian Trust had done for the court, by a Dr Kumah, whichh I amnot allowed to see, and which even my G.P. is not allowed to see. They think maybe, and I'm guessing, that, I'm unable tomanage my finances, and need help to do so, the doctor mentioned a letter to McDonalds, asking them to buy advertising space in my magazine. Their lawyers wrote back asking for free copies of back issues, just as Prince Philip did, and telling me I don't have copyright. And you do, I asked him? Not over prince philip's image, he refused that even though I ghost wrote a book for him. It is called a Question of Balance. With McDonalds I was commissioned by Franklin Mint to paint a series of plates with McDonald's logos on them, using the name Bill Bell, and I wouldn't have done so unless I had permission. And they dispute that, I said? I told them eating off a plate could kill them, but Guardian Trust says they are my lawyers, and if I agree to take medication I can have my rights back. It sounds as though you should try it, I said. No I'd prefer not to, I said, I have work to do and need a clear mind. Is this going to take long I asked, I have to go to have a game of tennis. Where is it this time, he asked, Melbourne, Moscow, Paris? I thought he was starting to get sarky.


I'm done, anytime you are, he stated.  I'm not sure I even know what that means, I said. Me neither, he said, something Americans say all the time, maybe they mean, "I have done"? I'ts a possibility, I agreed. It could also mean I have graduated from, or I did it. No I don't think that makes any sense, I said. How many years will it be until you are half my age, he aske me? Nine, I wasn't sure. So what is your mental age, your IQ multiplied by 32 he asked? I don't know what my IQ is I said. The average is 100 he said, some it is only 40 or 60. Most people it is about 117 to 124, he said, I'd say you are about 120, so say 3,600, while my highest measured IQ was 167 so times (he used a piece of paper and a pen to work it out) 64 is 12,020. What is your point, I asked him? You have to trust me on some points, he said. Guardian Trust don't understand the difference between a genius IQ and a moron, I said. Who was this person you wanted to marry? Anybody with a sound mind, he said, but I think he was joking. It was somebody I think I knew once, but who was then, this is five years ago, married for ten years with two children, and who was looking for a better job. I asked her if she was in love with her husband, and she said yes, he is all she needs, and she cannot bread without him. I offered her a job working for Dragon Systems, that my voice recognition software business, for 50 million, and offered to fly her out with her family to find a job, either in a tax office, or in a Kiwfruit orchard. She said she couldn't afford it so I offered to pay. She could stay with me, but Guardian Trust said no, they didn't think she wanted to do it. Why not? They wanted to hear it from her, but she didn't want to talk to them. Why not, I asked. She had her reasons. I called her Eve, and she called me Adam. And she was from Serbia, I asked? She stillis from Yugoslavia, I said, and lives in Belgrade. As far as I know she still works for a tax consultant, and travels to London once or twice a year. It sounds as if you are making it up, I said. I am guessing about some of it, he admitted. I,m not sure if her work requires her to go to London, I can't see why it would when she works in Belgrade, and she also said they both work, when  she met, but later said she had found a new job and just had to pass her exams. I see, I said. Yes exactly, plus I think he beats her. Her husband? Why doesn't she leave him? Everybody tells me that Serbian men are very possessive and don't allow their wives to leave, he said. Yes, I think I heard that somewhere too. It was very tough during the war, and a lot of people ended up in hospital or dead, he said. But it is better now? I think it is the same, with much unemployment, so people have to do what they must to feed their children. And you want children, I asked?



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