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Dear personal diary.

Hi everyone,

Well here is is folks, another silver tray. Good huh?

It has been a great couple of weeks despite the loss. Such a bad loss. Not my loss really, I had a great time. I was drading facing Serena in the final, who wouldn't, but when I got there she never showed. I was so surprised and happy, that it was all over before I knew what happened, and then I cried. I hope you didn't see that. I performed great, despite losing in less than 50 minutes. I was really hot out there so that didn't help. You don't know what you mitgfr missed. I even found an old quad bike and went riding on the beach. Thank youa all my Aussie fans in Australia who have been so supportive and cheerful and loyal during my matches.

I can't believe I have been here for a whole month already and that is that long enough to pick up an Aussie ? It is finally time for me to pick pack up again. My summer dresses! and, get those big fluffy winter jackets, you know, the ones in the photos you sent me? Doesnt matter if you don't, I still do. And you looked great in them, whoever you are. Next time, I say, stay out of my clothes please. sorry out for my, you know, my, you know, trip to Moscow.! Brrr. I guess I do Have an Aussie accent? Hang on a minute, mate. Oh Ok. I'll make sure to give plenty of, well anything really, I've got plenty, updates maybe, or any other sort of dates too. I hope to go to the Ballet too also!  There. 

Can't stop. Got to go and take all these stinky clothes off!

See you there soon. xxx

love you.

Your dear, your adorable Marsha.xxoooxx.

Who is it?

Oh, I wish he'd paint me.

That ain't going to happen.

Magic mirror on the wall, who's the greatest of them all?

 Fuck! His ankles look skinny.

What just happened there? I just lost $2 million, a title and a boyfriend. On the other hand, with $2 million on myself to lose it can't be all bad. Well, I'll just have to keep my promise to God and win Wimbledon again I guess. Where are you God? Why have you stopped liking me?

Hey, look at me people, I'm doing something I was told never to do, running with my tongue between my teeth, and I'm not even biting myself. I amaze myself.

Don't tell me it was only a point, it wasn't, it was a huge point. And don't F*'n tell me I look sexy, and to learn to control my emotions you, .... Fuc*'n peanut brain.

They've all said it, but I wonder if this is what it really feels like to kiss Maria's cold ass?

Apparently. He wanted her to send him tickets to watch her live, but she said she told him to go and fuck himself.

But then the next day I saw Andy, and he said he'd told him that she was like that, quite reserved, he said like a "teenage lesbian virgin", in public, but they'd bumped into each other in the airport lounge and there was a power cut, and suddenly she snapped and was all over him like a little pink salmon with a skin full of southern comfort, fighting its way up a waterfall at the top of a set of rapids, and that she was kissing him and pushing him back on the lounge and her little bottom was thrashing about and they'd made love right there and then in the airport. But that's all. So now I don't know who to believe.


Venus, What the fuck! We're dead in the water, this is no time to be playing ping pong. Get your ass out there and get us moving!


I'm miserable, so miserable,

Down on misery farm...

So are the amininals, and all the vegetables,

Down on misey farm...

Yes? What is it?

-You said amininals

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