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 Picture of a goat

(Post #3486, 13th July 2017)

It appears the picture of a cloud in the sky in the form of a goat, above Maria has been removed. I should have copied  it. I'll look into it.


This is not a competition, it is a private page.


 monopoly captions

From User_talk:Lupin#Monopoly captions

Hi, Lupin, I hope you don't mind I just put the full-sentence Monopoly (game) caption back with explanation on the edit summary. I was trying to provide some context to people who have never seen the game so they'd know more than "in progress," plus trying to comply with guidelines at Wikipedia:Captions, the first of which is that captions should consist of complete sentences. Please edit the caption as you see fit to help it follow the guidelines. Also, please look over the guidelines, and if they need to be revised, please help. Also see Wikipedia_talk:Captions - there are several discussions on particular examples. -- ke4roh 20:27, Sep 1, 2004 (UTC)

 Do you mind if I have some of your water?

 That creep has been trying to look down my shirt again.

-You were flaunting it.

Didn't your mother teach you never to look at a woman's bosom?

How does that feel? Good? Do you like it between your tits?

 Imagine how this is going to feel, you bastard. I was the towel champion at boarding school. Everyone was scared of me. You won't be laughing in a minute when I give you a zinger.

And set my mafia on you, you... You think I'm laughing don't you? You think its funny?

Now bend over that chair. Have a look at my wet patch. Creep.

So what's next for you after tennis? Are you perhaps thinking of starting a family?

- Well actually, I've just started a new career as an actor. They want me to play brains in a series of the thunderbirds and we are going to knock ove all the out of scale buildings in New York. I't going to be unbelievable.

Its going to be really great. All the strings will be done with CGA. We have a great special  effects man.

Thank you.

Now smile you little clown.

You wanted the head of John the Baptist on a plate. Is this one big enough?

Some guy who said his name was "Burnd" or something, and was sent by God to be my bodyguard, stalked me in an airport in Italy one night when Mum and I were waiting for a connecting flight. He produced a pack of cards and proceeded to play snap with me. I was only 14. He was very good and beat me convincingly, but I think, he wanted to get a sneaky feel of my hand with his, which I smashed as hard as I could, calling out SNAP!

He asked me what I was reading, and made me read some of my romance novel to him, and mum snapped a picture of us, for evidence. Then our plane was boarding and he got on a different flight.

Then when we were in mid flight, somewhere over Italy somewhere, he suddenly appeared again and sat in the seat next to me. I was by the window and I couldn't escape. He gave me this cross, and made up this stupid story. He told me it belonged to my Grandmother, and that it was her only possession when she died, and that she wanted ME to have it. How did he know that? Where did he get it from? Probably bought it in a junk shop somewhere. Anyway he said God told him to say it, and God gave it to him for me. Then, for a dramatic exit, not content with leaving by the door, he turns himself into smoke, and leaves by entering my heart right through my t-shirt. Don't know where he went. Probably back to planet Looney.

My boyfriend Sasha gave me the diamond engagement ring- but I don't know if I'll keep it ot what. At least we are the same tallness, not like that short-ass Burned, who is probably only 17. Now I have a new boyfriend, Grigor. Beautiful name isn't it? Maria Dimitrov. Has a ring to it, don't you think?

Anna- You know what else he did? He tried to hit on me in the showers.

He tried to hit you?

No, he tried to hit ON me.

You going to the ball, sport?

Anna- Bald spot?

No ball spot.

Anna- Bald spot?

Do you need glasses? I said Ball.

Anna- What ball? I thought you meant there was a bald. Nevermind.

The big one. The TENNIS ball.

Anna- I thought policemen had the big ones.

No thats Ballet dancers.

She was saying you think her game is a little thin for someone like Serena, and you're going to give her a bit of extra "coaching"..

I never said that.  Watch where you put your fingers boy, you know what this is? Eh?

Screw you own lightbulbs?


-Look, we've got the same shirt, we're almost twins.

-If we're twins, I'm Arnold Swartzenegger

Oh, yeah, well you can't beat me or my brat sister.

-I'm going to win Wimbledon the next two times and not even you will stop me.

Yeah, and you still won't have won as many times as me.

And you still won't have earned as much as me.

That's only cause black players have it harder than white girls.

Yeah, well I'm going to marry a basketball star!

What happened about your affair with whats-her-name?

The sad little whore only wanted to touch me up for a $40,000 loan.

Did you give it to her?

-Of course.

O.K. well then maybe I'm going to marry a...a football star.

I can see someone waiting to be kissed.


Oh my God !! He was looking down my shirt !!

-Oh my God!


 "Excuse me sir, I think you left something in the women's toilets."

No I didn't. I've never been in there.

You were poking it under the cubicle walls.

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