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If you are looking for rainierbank, a web browser, a monopoly game, or an online bank, please go the above web url.

This is not a competition, it is a private page.

 monopoly captions

From User_talk:Lupin#Monopoly captions

Hi, Lupin, I hope you don't mind I just put the full-sentence Monopoly (game) caption back with explanation on the edit summary. I was trying to provide some context to people who have never seen the game so they'd know more than "in progress," plus trying to comply with guidelines at Wikipedia:Captions, the first of which is that captions should consist of complete sentences. Please edit the caption as you see fit to help it follow the guidelines. Also, please look over the guidelines, and if they need to be revised, please help. Also see Wikipedia_talk:Captions - there are several discussions on particular examples. -- ke4roh 20:27, Sep 1, 2004 (UTC)

My photo essay. 

All the photos in this are illegal images, taken thanks to WTA Forum.

Then he told me he was only joking about closing down tennis. I was so relieved. He said he had a big plan for taking it to the internet. What's that I asked.

He said he owns this big Chinese company, Sun.corp or something, he said it was the chinese, army, navy and airforce, and their biggest private airline and that he has this internet browser. I told him he was starting to worry me, and that's way more money than me. We have one of those browsers too, I said, It's called Microsoft. He looked at me like I was a bit thick, and I was thinking I'm not so sure this guy is for real.

 He said their browser had timing. Something Microsoft never thought of. It is called Paws, a batch program. His Suncorp was already installed on over a billion computers on the world wide web and he is going to shut down daytime am radio. Well even I know that not many people listen to tennis on daytime radio, so I don't know what that is going to do. He said it is something to  do with the ionosphere. He's got this other software called box which draws a square around 18 character or something. He asked me but I told him I'm not a geek.

He said I'm just the person who hes been looking for., dumb, but not too dumb.

He said we are going to make an absolute fortune. But he still didn't say what he wanted.

 I don't know what she is so pleased about.     Surely it's not just about beating me?



Then he said did I have any secrets he should know about since I was going to be in a charge of publicity.

I said nothing that hasn't already been in the papers. He asked me if I'm still a virgin. So I said yes of course, but a lot of my friends aren't. He said that is ok.

He said he can help me with my on-court strategy cause thats his strong point.

He said I can tell people, so I told Vika, but she was already celebrating.

 So I said, what else you got for me? I still don't remember him saying anything specific. And then he said, the sun comes up in the east, and sets in the west. Who told you that I asked. You did he said. Who told you? My accountant I said not your father, he asked me? No. And what did he mean by it he said. I'm not sure I think I replied. What do you think? Maybe you should plan for a rainy day he said. We always play under cover I said, and he said, there you go then.

You're not planning on losing, he said. Why should I do that I said, then I'd wouldn't get any money.

He said this internet company was going to bring in big money but he wasn't allowed to make any legal contracts. All I had to do was promise to obey him and not to try to do any thinking for myself. he said it wouldn't matter if I lost, because we'd still be rich. I said I'd have to think about it, I wasn't too keen on losing, and how did I know I could trust him. He said he was sure I could and to let him worry about that as he was thinking about it too. He said, how do we know there is a God, but people ask God for things all the time. I said, I'm not religious. I don't even go to church.

He was talking in complete riddles, and I was still completely in the dark about what he wanted from me. I started thinking maybe he was after my money. It is no secret I'm the richest professional woman athlete in the history of sport.

I was even starting to think he may want something creepy from me. So I asked him if he wanted me to go to China with him or something, so he said no it is impossible for him to go there without his wife, or for her to go there without him, and they were very strict about these things, and seeing as how he is 56, he is too old to get married now.

He said I was young and should find a nice boy, and fall in love and give him all my money, and there will be plenty who are waiting to do it. He said he knew I am engaged. he gave me his word he will never try to touch me ever, so that is good. He said he never mix business with pleasure, and this is business only. I don't know where he got the idea i would marry somebody who is 30 years older than me. I was right, he is a creep and should find a woman who is over 50 and unmarried.

Then he springs it on me. He has this brand called aeroplane balls, and now he wants to make tui balls, and he has this machine for washing them in. What?

I bang you two times then I own you.

  He said that he wasn't a marketing person, he had a professional in England who did all that sort of thing, but that Gavin had been trained selling toothpaste and soap powder, and they mainly either added filler and reduced the price, or took the filler out and called it concentrated. I said, why can't Gavin do the advertising? He said he was too busy with a political career, and a film career for Tom Hanks, and Billy Connelly's comedy show, and also worked for a Mainland China cheese company. He said he also owned Galaxy brand.  next page


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