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Try the Sharapova Diaries (link on this page)

An online banking  monopoly  game.

Double your money!

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The next step from Einstein, the "Unified Field Theory"? A major breakthrough is science? You decide.

Some scientists say that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Are they right?   

What is the relationship between particles smaller and faster than a photon, and gravity?

How can particles travel at millions of times the speed of light? What is General Relativity? How can we travel to another galaxy in a few seconds, instead of millions of years?  If it is possible, have aliens visited our planet?

Protons and neutrons are atoms?

E = 2(mc2)?

A book written for high school students, who are interested in quantum mechanics, specifically a new theory about what protons and neutrons are made of, by Malcolm. (Still incomplete...check back later)

Index Protons and Neutrons...

Index: Quantities;  Banister Fletcher

A chapter of a book by Banister Fletcher about English case law, and how it relates to the field of building and architecture.

Index Borzoi

Some vodka drinks

Index Economics

There is a real crisis. Here are some solutions. Interest rates

Raf  Royal Air Force


It's women's tennis not ladies tennis, you moron! 


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 Princess Diana Diaries

It all began in school. It was probaly when I was about 6, maybe less, and still not sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I loved to sing and one day I was singing along with my hairbrush in my hand dressed in my mother's clothes and high heels, with her lipstick and whipped cream all over my face when she came home from church unexpectedly, so I was forced to put on an impromptu concert, lip synching along to some records, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, obviously those are some of my favourite ones. She had been eating strawberries and whipped cream herself before she went to church, because she still had whipped cream on her face when she came home. I'm surprised nobody told her, but I figured that they thought it was make-up. Anyway.  When I was finished, I told her I was going to be a rock star, and I asked her what she thought I should call myself. Quick as a flash, she came up with "Lady Gaga?".

 Sharapova Diaries 

How do you know, he asked? There are two clocks, one is set to Radio New Zealand time, the other is New Earth Time. My computer is set to the official time, I said. But you will find that your computer's clock is running slower than the radio by about one second a day, he said. You are not going to win this point, I said, I use my cell phone, and it keeps perfect time. Not if it is running Java, he said. There was a Java upgrade last night. What did it do I asked?  It meant you had to upgrade your flash player, he said. I'm not sure if I have one I said. Your computer does I said Computer time is now 12.29.50 while cell phone time is 12.36. I don't understand, I said.What's the difference? If your computer clock is set to http://www.newearthtime.net at 00.00, you won't have to adjust it every few weeks to correct it.




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