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 Re: Maria Sharapova is back to World #2 after Paris  

  mac47    I hate her, but Maria deserves her ranking. She has earned those points, and it isn't from Woz-style tournament-whoring, it's mostly from consistent good results at slams.


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Yes, Wozniacki has cut down in her whoring and it's shown in her ranking drop.

How so?
She played Hopman Cup exhibition, Sydney, AO and will play Doha and Dubai this month. She is still playing too much.


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I hate her, but Maria deserves her ranking. She has earned those points, and it isn't from Woz-style tournament-whoring, it's mostly from consistent good results at slams.

Well, since I've learned from my excursions on GM that whoring is the new name for playing tennis.....

Wozniacki has during the past twelve months only provided her services at one more brothel than Azarenka ,Stosur, Radwanska and Lisicki. Zvonareva has done exactly the same amount of whoring as Wozniacki, and Schiavone, Jankovic and Kirilenko have been to one more whorehouse than the Woz. Bartoli has done the most whoring of all whores in the top thirty. Although many customers say that they don't like whoring (everyone loves a virgin) they would nonetheless be less likely to pay money for a visit to a brothel that only provides the s
services of tier two quality whores and as a result many a whorehouse would out of business.


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Yes, Wozniacki has cut down in her whoring and it's shown in her ranking drop.

No, some have done better in the 128 whores gangbang events and that's what the rankings reflect.


An amateur (French amateur "lover of", from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, "lover")

 The lack of financial benefit can also be seen as a sign of commitment to an activity; and until the 1970s the Olympic rules required that competitors be amateurs. Receiving payment to participate in an event disqualified an athlete from that event, as in the case of Jim Thorpe. In the Olympics, this rule remains in place for boxing.

 WWW Doha Rnd 1: Angie Kerber v Sabs Lisicki 


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LL vs LL, both will withdraw
Sabine won't withdraw. She withdrew from Paris to prepare better for this tournament. Naturally it's more important tournament, so smart decision. I think she suffered more after Fed Cup loss than some injury.

He said, I've worked out a deal for you. What is it, I tried not to sound too excited, but couldn't help leaning toward him. You will probably looking forward to retirement. You are what,

now, 24? Something like that I said. So you will be going on to 32? Possibly if I can stay injury free.All I can promise you is 100 million a year. I'm getting 8,400,000,000 euros a year from internet service, but you wouldn't be interested in that. We are going to adjust internet prices. You and I, I asked? If you like he said. And we are currently charging $100 per month on average, but we're bringing it back to $30. That doesn't sound like much, I said. I'm only counting 1 euro a month as my profit, he said.

It gets worse, he said. We are going to offer the same service to our competition for $25 per month, so we are expectiong them to provide that service for $5 a month, and they may have to throw in free internet banking into that price. Can you make any money at that rate, I asked? I had no idea. Not much, he said, but  profits if we concentrate on our core business. And what is that I asked. Art he said.

There is a serious condition though, he said. You have to push that Evian water a bit harder. There are a lot of brands, so you may even have to look at your price points. Of course, If you form another partnership, I may be forced to reconsider our business dealings. There is always room to negotiate, I said. And one other thing, he suggested. What is that I asked? professional boxing he said. I know a lot of athlets are going into boxing these days, but the thought of coming up against Serena didn't fill me with much joy. You'll have to get me some training I said.

Bulldog, above, and Boxer left


Blue Peter

FlameOn I think she looked better .

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The word "better" doesn't work here. Something would first have to look good for it to look better.
  hectopascal  Glad I didn't go to your school

No, he said. What, he wants me to get in the ring with no training? I'd really probably make a better wrestler than I would a boxer, I said.  No, he said again, I don''t want you to be a boxer. You have heard of Olympic, I suppose, the Greek National flag carrier. The airline, I asked? The only Olympic I could think of was the Olympic Games. Well I own the brand he said. It isn't just the national airline, it is also Ouzo, the national drink and stationery. I see, I said. Well, he went on, we are having a problem with professional boxers at the Olympic Games. It makes it hard for the amateurs. So you don't want the amateurs there, I asked? No, just the opposite he said, I don't want the professionals there. You won money when you won Wimbledon, didn't you? Yes, I was forced to agree. So that makes you a professional. All I want at the Olympic Games is the Olympic Brand. Can you prove it I asked? That I want professional athletes and professional military removed from the games? No, that you own the brand. You have my word, he said. I know what I'm talking about. I own Sun,and I can prove I own Dragon. You have heard  of the Dody, I suppose, he said? Is it a ship I asked, or a person? No it is a bird he said. The Dodo is now extinct, and that is what the games will be if we don't reserect the Olympic spirit and tradition of amateurism. I see, I said. Plus I also own Holland he said. The country, I asked? No he said, the brand, but we do make beer.

Re: Its back: Grand Slam Tennis 2 announced! Roster Announced

Sammo  Worst gameplay in a tennis game ever.
I wish I could unwatch that video.

Keegan That was disgraceful. Does anyone actually know why they keep hitting one handed backhands?! It's so fricking annoying! Even the most basic tennis games acknowledge this kind of thing!

Do you play poker, he asked?  Sometimes, I admitted. Ever play online, he asked? No I never have, I said. The only place to play, he stated, is on board the SS Showboat. The musical, I asked? No, it is a paddle steamer which departs Taupo for Turangi at midnight every night. It departs Turangi at noon every day. And you can win money betting on it, I asked? Yes you can also watch films online. So it is a virtual ship? Yes there is no physical ship yet, but one day there may be. That is interesting, I said, thanks for the tip. Would you like to place a bet on the fact that I have made a breakthrough in the understanding of the fundamental design of the proton and neutron he suddenly asked, out of the blue? How much of a bet are we talking about I asked? Oh, about a billion pounds, he said. (Poo.l/ said tigger-that was just a spelling mistake when he jumped on the keyboard, despite having been asked several times no to do so.) No, I don't think I'd like to bet that much, I said.

OK, he said, I'll give you a week to think about my offer, otherwise I'm going to have to start work on another project, and I may have to offer it to somebody else. O.K. I said, I'll talk to my acountant and let you know one way or the other within a week. Thanks, he said. It's 11.am 12th February 2012.

As I always say, he said, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Does that mean you think you have a bird in the hand, I said. No it means something of substance is worth a lot more than a who lot of empty promises. Have you ever been to New Zealand, he asked. I can't remember, I said, I go to so many places. Yes, I think I was there for the ASB classic last year, wasn't I?  I'm not sure, he replied, I'm not really a tennis fan. I'm in this industry more for the earnings to be made from the electronic games market. Unfortunately, having written the software, I've created a machine which is now more capable of doing my work than I am. It is like having a child, who grows up and has a mind of its own. The thing is, being a gifted child myself, I understand the problems with it.Sometimes when things don't go the way you want, you want to react, and rage against the machine, but you don't, because you have parents who trained you, and gave you the tools you need, so you don't do what your instincts tell you to do, because that is what they want you to do. You don't give them the satisfaction. Your feelings, I asked? Yes he said, learning is not an immediate process, like success or enlightenment. It takes time to build your knowledge. Some people like me like to do it on their own, others like people to teach them. They find that easier. And you can teach yourself, I asked? Totally he said. You just have to ask yourself, don't you. And you get an answer, I said? You usually do, he said. You just keep thinking about the problem until it makes sense.

I'd like to know why I keep losing, I said. We'd all like to know that, he said. But you just keep fighting don't you. Sometimes you lose because you have been beaten by a better player, but that is why you play, isn't it? It is, to be beaten? 99% of the people playing in a tournament are there to lose, he said. How many times have you heard, "it isn't whether you win or lose, but how you play the game?" Quite a lot, I said. It is good advice, he said, but do you understand what it means? Play better, I asked?  No it means, don't open up your emotions for bitter disappointment, if you think there is a good chance it is going to happen to you. Another one is, "Fools travellers in the desert". Can we ever be certain of anything, I asked? Only that God exists, he said. A loss can be devistating, and we don't want to put it in perspective because we can't move on from the past. But optomism is all we have left. It is like when Whitney Houston died. Who knew she made a fortune from military engines, at the time? Most of us thought she was broke. It will always be like yesterday for me, the memories are so strong. You loved her, I asked?  To be honest, he said, I never met her but I would have liked to have spent some time with her, and I listened to her music. Do you mind if I tell you a story? Is it a fairy story, I asked? With a happy ending, he said? You have to decide. It is about my first wife. I didn't know you were married, I said. I'm not, well its about the wife of the first Emperor of China, really, from history, but I sometimes imagine that it could have been me. Okay, tell me, I said.                      more


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