Protons and Neutrons are Atoms?

E = 2(mc2)?

(A look inside the proton and the neutron)

 How much energy is there in the universe? Where is the missing enery located? Why did Einstein not discover it? Is it possible for a particle to travel faster than the speed of light?

What do I mean, are protons and neutrons atoms? Atoms are bigger than protons and neutrons. An atom is made up of a number of protons and neutrons, and electrons, from the smallest, Hydrogen which has one proton and no neutrons. What I mean is that they are atom shaped. If you don't know what this is, read on, or you can go straight to page 5 of the introduction where we get into the new stuff in this theory.

This book assumes no knowledge of physics, and is written for the average high school student who has an idea of what atoms are. By linking the 100 pages to Wikipedia, this book makes it possible for a keen student learn as much as they need to understand the basic concepts.
The first ten pages give an outline of what the book is about. I claim to have made new and original discoveries which should qualify me for a Ph.D in physics, and I've put my name to some new particles, even though their existence still has to be confirmed by experimentation whic I do not intend to do. That is for others, but the result should be easy extraxtion of energy, in the form of electricity from simple solutions and compounds. A new understanding of how basic atoms are put together should make this possible, and this is science which exists everywhere in the universe, where there iis light, where there is matter, and where there is intelligence. Because travel between galaxies, or even within galaxies is not possible or advisable because it would disrupt the natural growth and learning process, this is as close as we are going to get to meeting people who have science similar to our own, no matter where they live, and how advanced they become.
Particles which travel faster than light, we call tachyons, and we can imagine that they could travel from here to a close galaxy Andromeda, not in 2 million years at the speed of light,  but in a second or less.
In this book I hope to show where they depart from, and where they return to, which is why I have called the first group, Bakites, or alpha and omega bakites for the want of a better name.


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 This site is about quantum mechanics, a branch of classical physics.

If you already know the subject completely, congratulations, however if you have trouble understanding it, and have heard of Rutherford, Maxwell, Newton and Einstein, and want to know what they did, read on.



 Some would think that a work which claims to be new, and scientific should have nothing to do with either religion, or pseudo science such as the existence of alien life and UFOs. But the reality is that if aliens did visit Roswell New Mexico in 1947, it either happened, or did not happen, it is not a matter of it depending upon what we believe happened.


The probability is that particles do exist which travel at much faster than the speed of light. Does this mean aliens have learned to travel faster than light? Possibly, somewhere they have. On earth we say the speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second, almost 300 million, and it would be nice if it was a whole number. We can easily make it into a whole number by using the wavelength of light itself as the basis of our measuring tool. After all, metres are just a proportion of the size of the earth itself, and seconds are merely a division of the earth day. Life in another part of the galaxy or in a distant galaxy would still one day invent the atomic bomb, and probably start genetic engineering. Would they also believe in God? They would have to accept the fact that a God exists to explaing things which cannot be explained by science. Even the most primitive and ignorant race would one day have to accept the reality, and that is that life is just not possible without God's help.



 On another planet they would have a system for measuring the days, and telling the time. They would have an explaination for gravity, which we still do not have, but which I hope to have by the end of this book.

Another thing they would not have is a religion called Christianity. Christianity is a belief in God which originated on this planet in this galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, but would have no context or meaning anywhere else. There would be no year called 2015, although they probably would have the equivalent of Albert Einstein, and their planet would be round, not flat.

So what sort of God would there be in other galaxies? Would have aliens visited them over time? Would they have revealed themselves to those people? This is an interesting proposition, because I believe aliens with more advanced science than us have left us clues to the structure of matter in crop circles. Obviously some or all crop circles may be fake, if you don't believe in them, or their message could be co-incidence, but my belief is that these top order predators are not about to hurt us, or give us technology that we have not invented or developed ourselves, but to ensure that other aliens do not try to visit us. We don't need to worry about a hostile invasion from space, because anything that powerful, like a God, is not going to be a malevolent or a hostile force.

We now have invented the best thing so far, the computer. Other civilisations would have done so too, increasing their rate of progress. Aliens would know that we had an atomic bomb, and tested it without destroying the planet and turning it into a smaller version of the sun. How many other civilisations avoided this?

Yes I do believe in God, I am certain about it, and I understand why Einstein did not discover these particles, whether you are prepared to believe in them or not.

On the other hand I''m not so sure about quarks and bosons. There is another explaination, and we will have to wait to see which one is correct.



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