Letter to Bishop   

          Letter,  Sunday 8th July 2012  

          Reply from Brian 17 July 2012  

24th June 2012

Rev. Brian Hamilton,

Vicar, St John Baptist Church, Te Puke

Dear Brian,

You may remember I spoke to you some weeks ago about the problems I am having with New Zealand Guardian Trust Limited, Craig Roebuck, manager of the Tauranga Branch, and the the fact that I had written to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and you asked me if he had written back. Since then I have written him another letter. 

I'm responsible for writing software accessing the Java Virtual Machine, inside the intel computer chip. This entitles me to an income of between 23 and 100 million euros per day. I am frustrated that legally I cannot even form a contract, yet others profit from my work. It is not what God intended, and you must assist me to put things right.

1/. Payment/Salary of $100 ($5,000) immediately. This can be most easily done directly to my bank account (available in the contact page). You may also recall the fact that I requested a salary from the church, of approximately $1,000 per week, or $52,000 per year, to be split between myself and the Shaolin Buddhist Temple in China. What I really require is about $12,000 per year, to make up what I do not receive by way of an invalid's benefit. This is a serious request, and my reasoning is that God is real, and Jesus is also real, and that while to Moslems God is also real, and to Roman Catholics, Jesus is real, without God and Jesus, nobody in the Church of England wold have a job. Most people who donate regularly to the church, perhaps $10 per week or about $500 per year do not claim to be either trained, or experts in religion, but they trust the experts, who should know. You are trained to know the truth, and the truth is, I was Jesus, or James the brother of Jesus, 2,000 years ago. I did appear to both my mother and father before my birth, although both are now dead and cannot confirm this.

2/. This Christmas will be normal, but next Christmas the church will be closed. Christmas celebrations this year will be on July 28th, my birthday, even though there will be no special church service on that day, and it will not be a public holiday. Whether teh government changes teh law and makes my birthday a public holiday is up to Parliament. If you like, and I am reluctant to give the Church any wriggle room at all because it has shown absolutely no good faith toward me at all, when in fact I am entitled as owner of the Christian trade mark to all the property and assets of the church. When I approached the manufacturers of Easter Eggs and Hot Cross buns for a donation to the church, they all turned me down flat.

3/. You have a year to sort this out, and can either do things my way or be kicked out of my church. I'm going to keep this letter short, so that you can discuss it with the Bishop, and the Archbishops, and see how you can either accomodate my request, or fight against me and forteit your positions within the church.

In the first instance I require a cheque for $100, after that, in a week or two, one for $500, and after that either regualr weekly direct credits to my bank account by arrangement, or weekly or monthly cheques. This can either be a loan, formally or by agreeement, after discussion with yourself and other churches.

You will see that I (claim to) own Dragonairlines of China. The shaolin monks have seen my claim and accept my ownership of teh trade mark Dragon (Emperor brand in China, and Sun brand in China and India).

You will see that I have written a tutorial on JavaScript, and own Sun JavaScript and the timing system. This entitles me to income I currently estimate as worth 100 million per day.

I have decided to end Christmas celebrations and will be celebrating Christmas on my birthday, Saturday 28th July 2012. I

I'm entitled under international law to request a payment for the rebuilding of the Christchurch cathedral, and I am asking for 10% on the cost of materials.



 Part of this exercise is to restore the economy of the world. To this end and in recognition of the problem inflation causes, and as a result of experience learned in China, the world has resorted to money of various currencies to use as a means of exchange of goods. In addition tax is paid to the government which issues the currency. There is a relationship between the supply and demand for money, and the supply and demand for metals. The price of metal will rise over time, but the wages paid may not rise at the same rate. Since there is an international price for gold (and all metals), which is currently US $1,573 per ounce, 1991 (2,000) New Zealand dollar coins can be made from one ounce of gold,


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