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Russia Diary

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 However, if you know anything about the man, then you would know that Becker is driven by a fierce competitive streak that can not be quenched.

Becker, who has been involved in competitive endeavors for practically his entire life, needed to fill the void that was left when he abandoned his career as a professional tennis player in June of 1999.

Boris filled this void by getting involved in various business ventures (he owns a tennis racquet and clothing manufacturer company) and taking up the game of poker.

Boris Becker is a huge name in Europe, especially in countries such as Germany and Switzerland. He was an immensely successful tennis player during his 15 year career, winning multiple major titles and amassing over $25 million dollars in lifetime earnings. His affable nature and incredible talent helped him to build a loyal fanbase that still follows him today.

I suppose you remember the early days, he said, but before I could reply, he went on, when computers were just a screen with green zeros and 1s on them?

No that was before my time I said. No, he said, that was back in the 70's, early to late 70's. Most people had no idea what a computer was. I think he said 0010100100100100, but he was talking so fast I couldn't keep up. He went on, We used to write in assembly code. 

 We used to have to go to assembly every morning back in High School I said. The fifth form, he asked? Yes I remember the fifth form, but we called it 9th grade. All mine was done by correspondence. So you would have been 10 back in 1998. Something like that.

He said, We were all waiting for the millennium, especially those of my parent's generation who were approaching their 90's. It seemed to take for ever. Like primary school, I asked?  Exactly, he said, interminable. Like a council meeting, I added. Sort of like that he agreed. You are probably too young to remember Boris he asked?

Who is that, I asked? Boris Yeltzin? There are a lot of Boriss I thought. There are a lot of Borises he said. How many is it again? You are probably too young, I suppose, to remember the destruction of the Berlin wall? Yes that happened in 1989 I said, It was only there for 28 years. How is Boris he asked? I don't know him I said, He left in 99, I think I was only 11. OK.

You know that he made only  25 million throughout his whole career? he said. That's a lot less than you have. Boris, I asked? Mr Becker. Oh yes I heard of him I said, didn't he get off recently? No, I didn't hear about that he said. Yes he was standing next to his car and a cyclist ran into the door. He got off the car? he said? When did he get on the car?

 No, I told him, he got out of the car and was standing beside it when the cyclist ran into his door and got hit by a truck. He got hit by a truck, he asked? No, he didn't get hit by a truck, she did, the cyclist. He got off the charges of careless use of a motor vehicle causing death. No, I didn't hear about it, he said. Did you read about it on the internet, he asked? Yes, I said. I thought you must have, he replied, They don't bring up that sort of thing very often at assembly.

Boris Yeltsin was Russian politician, but died in 2007 aged 76 years.

 She will probably be spending more of her time in her clothing factory leaving less time for promotional work, but that was pure speculation on his part.

How is Paris, he asked? Um, I have't been there for a while, I said. You planning to go to Moscow for the winter? Me, he said, is that one of your questions? No, I replied. It's a hypothetical question then, he asked?

Go on, I said. Well, he said, you know how you mentioned the jingles? The jingles, I honestly couldn't recall them? You called them ringers, on my machine, he said. Yes, I remember now I said, go on.You don't want me to vocalise them do you? Do you mean sing, he said, I honestly couldn't care less whether you do or not, we can always find someone else to do it if you can't. Lady Gaga says she is available. And you intend to play us off against each other? No, he said, that's not the way I work. But, well, if we could have a few shots of you enjoying a banana, then serve them up with cream at Wimbledon, we might be able to turn them into a luxury instead of an everyday thing. And you want me to serve them up at Wimbledon? You could start as soon as you like he said. I'll have to think about it, I replied. Laws of supply and demand, he said. And what's the punchline, I asked? You'll have to wait he said.

Do you know what I like best about your game? At last, he was starting to talk about me. No, I answered, tell me. The memorable thing is that time you, apart from winning Wimbledon, which we will get to later, it's the tension, the absolute, passion, which you don't feel on the court because you are trained to try to stay calm, but one match, I don't even remember which one, you had five or more match points on your service, and you kept hitting the top of the net, but eventually you lost I think. Didn't I win I said, I don't think I can recall that one? Well it was funny he said. Do you mind if I share the joke? All in good time he said.

 He said, he'd recently heard from the Goddess (Venus), and that she was also thinking about an offer. A marriage proposal I asked him? Possibly, he said, he hadn't heard anything about it. He asked me if I thought she had enough saved to buy herself an engagement ring, because there we a lot of guys who would be interested, but probably too short to afford her expensive lifestyle. Money isn't everything in life, I told him. Who told you that, he said.

 I'm not sure, I said. Maybe it was my father. Was he being facetious, he asked? Do you mean, was he telling a joke, I don't think so I replied. Well Venus has a lot of fans in America, he went on and could probably use the money as well. I hear her clothing business isn't going so well.

 Do you know any jokes, he asked? There is a possibility we will be replacing glamour with sensuality. Do you have any comment to make on that? In what way, I asked. Well I need to come up with a big joke for the punch line, and right now my mind is a desert. You know how a lot of tennis players eat a banana, but at Wimbledon, it is strawberries.

And I suppose you want me to sing the jingles


 He said, you know, the other day I was in auckland, New Zealand, and I went to the zoo, and I saw a camel. What's funny about that I asked. Well you had to be there he said. And? I'm getting to it, it had it's legs crossed. Was it facing towards you, I asked? No actually it had its' back to me. And?  Well if you will just bear with me for a moment. Yes? Have you ever had a baby? No, not yet. Oh, O.K., sometimes when a woman is having a baby, the baby will say, no, no fucking way, I'm not coming out, and it will jam its foot hard on the brake. What happens? Well, sometimes it misses, and hits the bladder control valve, which is located in much the same area. I see. Well apparently, I don't know, that's what happened to my mother. And you find this funny? Not at all. It's just that ever since, and it happened quite a lot, we'd be coming home. In the car? Yes in the car, and mum would say, we'll just stop and have a cup of tea with Auntie Jess, her sister. Go on. And after a few cups, we'd go home, but before we could get there. Yes.   more.


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