Re: Injured [3] Li, [4] Jankovic, [5] Lisicki, [9] Kanepi OUT of Paris Indoors

Talula   Gives them more time to hit the Paris stores.

If Maria doesn't win this then she needs a Dunce's hat!

Buy the way, Rena, could you fix your cam please, ; it keeps stopping because of this software:

Try this (Official) one:

Re: An "ugly" style of tennis

  @danieln1  Nadull is the closest example of a awfully ugly display of tennis

Federer is the opposite just beautiful to watch

Womens, Fiona tennis is ugly one dimensional, her forehand it seems so unnatural and sloppy, backhand is decent though, Niculescu terrible also, Errani

And a beautiful display of tennis definetly Martina Hingis, Navratilova, Lindsay Davenport, it seems the were born for tennis


 Re: 2012 Australian Open

  Mojobackhand Hey Bonk,
errmmmm. A lot of these pics are from my flickr. And I uhm put a copyright on them.
I don't want to seem picky or anything, and I understand that it's more convenient to have the pics here in the thread than just have a link to them but I don't have a copyright on them for no reason.
I don't know if you put them on imagevenue but if so, please delete them. I would really appreciate that. Thanx.
Here's the link again to my flickr:

Sorry if this sounds too harsh. If you like you can post the links from the flickr site:

the, you know. Lightning bolts I asked? Yes, he said the lightning bolts in our advertising campaign, the exact timing is down to our marketing manager. Right now he's fully committed on a campaign of his own selling spa baths, but he will be back onboard soon. I'm confused I confessed. You never mentioned it. That's because we don't want the left hand to know what teh right hand is doing. It keeps us in power, and that is the name of the game. So if I'm working for Honda. You work for Honda, I asked. Yes I'm their chief engineer, and we come up with a new product I have to say to the marketing guys, that's Gavin, how

 many do you want. And what does he say, I asked. He usually says

there is a water shortage, or some excuse, and we need camels because that's what people are buying, but I have to say no to him, we're not doing that this year. Today's boot is the cowboy boot or some such thing. In other words, it is the innovators who decide what the customers want, and the marketing guys think up a simple strategy for bringing it to the public. In 1999 he said, I couldn't even afford a second hand Honda Magna, Is that the 750 V-twin, I asked. I'd seen him riding one, and once even pushing it. Yes, he said, V4 red lines at 19,000 rpm and George Bush rides one too. Really, I said, I never knew that. Well I wouldn't let him ride mine, he said, nobody rides my bike except me. I understand, I said. I don't even fix my own bike, he said, it's a Zen thing. And now I own the company, he said. Honda? I hope I didn't sound incredulous. You think I look more like a Yamaha man, he asked. No I wouldn't say so, it was simply impossible for me to believe it. Okie Dokie, he said. Whatever. You appear to be trying to impress me, I said. And you think I'm making it all up, I understand, he said. So the other girls on the tour don't hate you because you're not gay? No, not at all, just the opposite in fact, I said. It is not personal, just whether you are part of the crowd or not, he said.

And you think I'm part of the crowd, I asked? You are only part of the crowd if you are a player, he said. Is it true, he asked, that you are offering me a million dollars? Where did you here this I asked him. It was the first time I had heard anything about it. I'm not certain that I heard it correctly he replied. It was on teh radio. You know I was only asking for $100,000. No, that's certainly not true I said, I thought you were going to give me money. Yes, he said, that is part of our business arrrangement, but you haven't signed any contracts yet, neither have you shaken hands on it, nor given your word. That is for me to do I said.. Of course he agreed, but that is not the way I do business, you understand. When I give my word, I always keep it, but in business you must always have a signed contract. I'll give you my bank account number, it is a New Zealand bank, and if you like you can put the money in there. 38-9000-0236292-00. I wrote it down. You will need a New Zealand bank to transfer the money from. What bank should I use, I asked. Not Westpac or ANZ, he said, maybe National or BNZ. And what is this money for again I asked?

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 New Zealand, he said. Ms Sharapova, do you mind if I call you Masha? That's fine I said. How do you pronounce it? I've always called you Masha, as in potato masher, in my head, but with a Russian accent, others pronounce your name Marsha, as in teh Paul McCartney song, you know, with a posh english accent. Whatever you like. The computers on the board call you Pova. Do they? How do they do that? I didn't know computers can talk. Oh yes, he

said, computers have been talking since 1976 and earlier. There weren't many on the net prior to the 1990's though. I find that quite shocking, I said. In what way he asked?

I don't really believe that a machine can think, I said. It isn't a matter of what you believe he said,

Re: Paris Rnd 2: A Below Par Bartoli d. A Spirited Martic 75 61

TuxedoSlam  So happy I could kiss Marion's hairy belly
Re: New Zealand is about to make IT (Information Technology a fourt science in the education corriculum: (Are they missing something?)
 Lighter  Marion explained that she didn't practice on this court....So, she needed times to make some adjustments, especially on her serve......As i will be there tomorrow, hope she'll win.
Djezonfly   Fix that second serve Marion, it has to be more that a less powerful first serve
Beat    hardly anyone watching, even though the match was played in the evening and it involved a french player ... what gives, paris?


there are 700 million machines on the net right now quite capable of holding a conversation. As I said to you before, I've been on there myself, and there was a lot of white noise, and the first word I heard and recognised was brown. All you need is a structured language like the english language, and the right software. There isn't any doubt about it, I asked? None. I've even flown in a cruise missile. The sensation is fantastic. You are actually flying like a bird, and you feel like a human, because you know who you are and where you are. And what happened to you? Well, I think I covered 1200 miles, following the wind with my radar, and I crashed. I see, I said.

Re: A Special Exemption for Venus Williams at the Olympics?

TNT2009  Some people still think that Venus has a chance to win another gold medal? I mean seriously? She'sinjured and it looks like she will never be 100% fit by London games. And with her age, not be 100% means a zero chance to win the medal.

  BuTtErFrEnA  how many of the younger players stand a legit chance at winning if you only entered tournaments you stood a chance of winning half the draws would be empty

 Did you know your are really stretching my creibility right now. Who me? Yes, I think you are having a joke with me, I said. I'm sorry you feel that way, he said, would you like to change the subject? I feel as though I'm dreaming or this is a 

 Microsoft I made a few precautionary moves. Such as, I said? Do you think I should tell you he asked?  You can trust me with your most intimate secrets I said. Yes, Im sure I can, he said. What I did was code some keyboard code mages for DOS 5, and they are on page 630. (The former Yugoslavia still uses this, for examapple on pages 393 to 396 the country codes for supported languages show Yugoslavia is country code 038 and the code pages are 852 and 850, while the country codes for specifying international time and date formats show country cade o38 and this goes in the config.sys file country=038 (country=xxx[,[yyy][,[drive:][path]filename]] COUNTRY.SYS is in the  root directory of the startup drive. You must put in the comma, even if you omit the codepage, ie country=033,,c:\dos\country.sys  .See? Sort of I said. Well it gets a lo more complicated than that, he said. The original operating system was only 640K, less than 1 megabyte. How big is it now I asked, I didn't want to appear stupid. Let's just say it is getting bigger with every new version. more


nightmare, I said. Thank you for being honest at least, he told me. When I was programming for


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