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This is not a competition, it is a private page.

 monopoly captions

From User_talk:Lupin#Monopoly captions

Hi, Lupin, I hope you don't mind I just put the full-sentence Monopoly (game) caption back with explanation on the edit summary. I was trying to provide some context to people who have never seen the game so they'd know more than "in progress," plus trying to comply with guidelines at Wikipedia:Captions, the first of which is that captions should consist of complete sentences. Please edit the caption as you see fit to help it follow the guidelines. Also, please look over the guidelines, and if they need to be revised, please help. Also see Wikipedia_talk:Captions - there are several discussions on particular examples. -- ke4roh 20:27, Sep 1, 2004 (UTC)


My photo essay. 

All the photos in this are illegal images, taken thanks to WTA Forum.

Then he pulled a bit of paper from his pocket and said, "What's this?" 

Are you testing me I said?  No I just want to know if you can read it?

не перестать верить, мечты никогда не бывают слишком большими.

So I told him I could.

-You know what it means? I think its disgusting I said. It all depends how you interpret it he said. Did I pass the exam I said? Do you feel like you failed he said? No. Then you have your answer.

He told me to get in touch with my accountant and ask him to contact him if I thought it was worth my while. How much money will I get I said. For three hour's work, and the use of your name? I think the figure of $110 million American was mentioned he said, but you  can ask for as much or as little as you like. How does $50,000 sound? I'll have to think about it I said. Can I have it in writing? Certainly he said, and then, I'll prepare a script for the ads. OK I'll let you know I said.

OK I said, what if I turned you down? You turning me down he said? For more money? Do you have enough? No I said, I have to think about my retirement. Why then?  For some other reason. I'm not asking you to marry me he said. Sex isn't part of the deal. What then, you don't like machines, you have no time, you would have a conflict with the other advertisers? Maybe. Drop them he said, I'll double what they pay you, except Sony, you won't get paid for that one. They already did, I said, we had to go to the bank and get a loan. What about Wimbledon, he said. Yes they paid I said. I can't just wait forever, he said, I have to get on with my life. And what is stopping you I asked.

 He asked me if I could play any musical instruments, or has seen any old Tui ads. Maybe I said, trying to remember if I had. Then you will have seen my machine, he said. Maybe you'd like 

Have you played a lot of tennis I asked. No not since I was 12. I'm a ballet fan. I wouldn't know a backspin from a topspin. I just watch the ball go over the net and watch it come back, and count how many moves before the final position is achieved and the winner goes over. Is that a fact I said. I'll give you another tip he said. I'm listening. Never start a sentence with the word I. try to think of an alternative. And this is relative to tennis in what way? In a public relations way, he stated. When you represent a company, you are presenting an image. Don't speak when you are tired, freshen up first so you are thinking clearly and rested. Just give brief statements after the game if you must. 

And what about that boyfriend of yours he said? You must love him a lot if you are going to make him so wealthy. He will never have to work another day in his life thanks to you. Are you jealous? Me? What does a man of 56 have to be jealous of in a boy of 24? He has his whole life in front of him. If not him, then somebody will make you happy. I never looked at it like that before I said.

What do you have against Serena Williams? That bitch. Nothing more nor less than I have against you or anyone else. Do you want a list? Yes. Well she's rich, and she had it hard, never had no help from nobody, so owes nobody nothing. She's just a dumb bitch. Nothing wrong with that. Anything else? Well, she had me arrested for paedophilia once. Really? No. She rang me up, and said there is somebody hanging around outside the house. When I got there she was out. Nobody home.  I was pissed off, then the cops arrived and issued me with a non-molestation order for God's sake. She had already asked me to stay away from the house. Hard not to, that thing is so huge. I had agreed to it. No need to volve the cops. That looks bad. Nobody wins. So you feel justified in hating her, I asked. Don't hate her, he said. A shark is a shark. You don't hate it for doing what comes naturally, you just stay out of its way and chuck it food occasionally. I've never done anything to piss her off deliberately. Believe me, I could if I wanted to. I could start rumours about her and Robbie Williams, or something like that. Michael Jakson, I said. He didn't get my point, and stared blankly at me.Are you going to tell me about that affair you had with the father of your friend in New York?

Hang on, he said, didn't I see you at church when my uncle died? When I suggested Dumb and dumber I said? Yes, that was you wasn't it? No, I said, I wasn't there and I didn't see you.

 Do you remember when you were playing good tennis, he asked. Yes I said, just at the beginning of the AO. And was it your father who was telling you what tactics to use, when to run into the net against which players in what part of the game? I know all that stuff now I said. And your game is better?  Where is he now he said? Oh you think I should ask him for advice then? Well you don't have to do what he suggests, but if you try it and it works you may be able to relax and concentrate on other parts of your game. I believe he has real insight into both your game and the game of tennis he said. I'm not sure if you are trying to be funny or you are serious I said. I know, I get that a lot he said.

to take it for a spin. It didn't ring any bells. It has a delicate cycle now. Does it have a catch, I asked. Do you mean ringers? He looked puzzled. Maybe, I said. It has a tail, if that's what you're talking about he said. No I don't think I have then I said. This was a conversation going nowhere. I still think Serena would be better I said. She'd have me in the red, he said. Why couldn't I do that I said. What is so special about her. It is complicated he said. Do you want to give me a hint I said? Now who doesn't know what they're talking about. You asked me to name my price, and now you're saying I'm not pretty enough? Don't flatter yourself he said. You don't put strawberris with bananas. I do if I feel like it I said. I mean it as an analogy he said. This guy can be quite boring if he feels like it.

Have you heard about attachment to the impermanent he asked me. No I don't think I have I said. Yes you are still thinking. I is not the be all and end all of existance. God is the only permanent entity in the universe. Wow I said, I have never heard of it. You won't, it is an all male school in China. They are very advanced in sports psychology. They believe a lot of things. It could help you even if you study Tai chi, but it takes time. And women can't learn it, I asked. Not from us, he said. You must start young and devote your whole life to it. It takes a lot of dicipline that you have. You should consider it. Maybe I'll do that I said. Yes he said, start tomorrow. Thanks I said.

Have you done any sailing he said. Here we go I thought, we'll, you know, not, you know, a lot.  But you do understand the difference between  a grinder, a coach, a tactician and a captain don't you. I thought he was being rather patronising. Yachts don't have coaches do they, I asked innocently. It was a metaphore, he said. you would know the difference between a coach and a professional wouldn't you? It wasn't a question, and he was starting to make notes. I'll give you eight more questions, and then I'll have to go. Too kind I thought.                                    next page

 blankly at me.Are you going to tell me about that affair you had with the father of your friend in New York?               next page


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