Write this down, he said, nevermind, I'll write it for you


What do you think about Irrigation Water, he changed the subject. In particular or in general? As the brand name for a new range of bottled water. I'm not so sure I

replied. The market for bottled water is pretty much saturated, and I don't think my sponsors would appreciate my promoting an opposition product. So you would have a conflict of interest working for me, which your employer would find difficult to accept, he said? Yes, isn't it clear, I asked?  Yes, but you have to understand where I'm coming from I grew up in a world where things were very very hard, and I'm the sole survivor, so I'm not going to give up without a fight. My philosophy is a simple one, you may either fly the white flag, and here I mean, not the Blue Peter, but the surrender flag, or you can suffer the consequences

I'm ready to learn I said. Are you really, he said. IFrom where I sit I see a woman fighting for women's rights in professional sport, but still negotiating with the men in power. And there is something wrong with that, I said. You are giving them their power, by continuing to negotiate

with them. Yes I know, when you boycotte a match for wages and nobody supports you, you feel as though you have been betrayed, but remember, those who you upset will be waiting for revenge so

don't be surprised if one day it happens. Let me tell you a story.

In China, in the old days, all the books were copied by hand, but very few people could read or write, and they were all men. if you were lucky enough to get an education and get into school, all you wee permitted to do was copy a single page, over and over again. You would never be allowed to read a whole book, and you had to sign a contract, giving away your free will and never originating a single word of fiction or commentary. That was your life, but we managed to obtain a concession from the

government, who allowed us to copy whole books. My new publishing venture has books filled with just one page of the story. To read the whole book, you will have to

buy all the pages. I only buy books about tennis, I said. All work and no play makes  Jack a dull boy, he said. The time between


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Excelscior   @Corwandt.

Nice post. But FYI. The YEC was actually a slow, sticky, low bouncing surface.

That was confirmed, posted by numerous tennis players and analyst.


 And it's on those surfaces (along with even very slow, high bouncing surfaces to a lesser degree), that Petra actually excels. Cause only she one of the few that have the power to hit through the slow hard court.

That's the flaw in the ointment of many that think she can't/won't do well on slow hardcourts. If the court is too slow, very few players on tour can create their own pace, while Kvitova can. She likes those courts, as well. Especially when she's got her feel/net game going.

Notice the finalist at the YEC and Australian Open? They were all flat or very powerful hitters, just like at Wimbledon. The same has been happening at the Clay court tournaments as well.

"Da Time's a changing".


The Dawntreader No one is better at spreading their legs. You're right.

sammy01 erm matt is

The Dawntreader  Every time Sin does the splits, I'm always worried that another kid will just slide straight out.


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