And you think I could be one of them? No, he said, it doesn't matter what I think does it? You may be assumed to be gay by the other girls on tour, just because they are. Your private life is probably kept pretty private. You got that right at least, I said. I'm pretty much practicing and sleeping, there isn't much time left over for a social life. Yes I heard you say pretty much that in an interview, he said, but you would say that. Only if it's true I said emphatically. But a lot of sponsors have big money tied up

 Team gay of the ATP; Tursunov cheek kissing every guy possible after a match in Mixed Doubles and writing a very "artistic" blog some years ago. Llodra hiding naked in Ljubicic's locker to "scare him"... ... well and then there's Dimitri doing poses like this one.

matthias in germany we have a say "Auf einem alten gaul lenrt man das reiten"
i used googel translate, i hope it´s clear what it means

in your image, he said. I'm not a nutty squirril or some trophy from the top shelf ina sideshow I said. Nobody says you are, he replied. I'm just saying thaat you know as well as anybody, that to be sexy and appealing you must also appear available. And you want me to break our engagement off, I asked. I wouldn't go that far, he confessed. I'm just wondering if pressure was put on you to make a statement, yes, I'm definitely heterosexual, and planning to get married one day. Nike probably like that but are a little disappointed, like a lot of people that you have taken yourself off the market. You make it sound like a butcher's shop, I said. Or a fruit stall, he added.

 Tennis forum

Re: Who is the better at court coverage? Serena Williams or Kim Clijsters?

  dsanders06  A) In such a thread, I would say she has the best serve in women's tennis history and one of the mentally toughest in history, and in terms of groundstrokes is around #4/5 of her generation.

B) Kim is my 2nd favourite player

  TheDream I've already acknowledged Kim is by far better now. It actually was the topic if the thread really so it's Kim and it's not even close as I've said. But, Kim fans got delusional by saying she's faster than even prime Serena.

 continued. Speaking of continuing, I said, what happened to your joke? What happened to yours, he retorted? Well the camel just stood there didn't it? And? You mean my mother? Yes. She died. Bleeding stomach ulcer, no medical attention. May I ask you a question he said. If you like. Well, you are pretty adament bout your opposition to christianity, yet you wear a chrristian cross around your neck, and you wear a symbol of engagement in a christian ceremony of marriage, and you have a christian name? Pretty much. That cross is just a piece of jewellery. Well you are very like the Queen on that one, she is very strong willed and opposed to it too. Who is the queen, Serena, I  aksed. No, Elizabeth II, the posh one. How do you know that, I was intrigued? It is a matter of money, you know, she has a lot but she is very tight with it when it comes to  her business dealings with me, and it wouldn't hurt her at all to throw a million or two my way, he said. For what, I asked, the cheek, I thought. Well when the communists took over in China, she backed the wrong team against me, in my opinion, he said. He went on, And you must employ a lot of people, coaches, trainers, agents. Is your husband going to take over and do that when you get married?

You must realize that this is a matter of much public debate, he said. Public debate, what is the topic of the debate, do they have teams I asked sarcastically. I knew this time he was totally making this up. Who is the leader of the affirmative team, I asked, without actually smiling? It was all I could do because i knew I had him, and he knew it too. He tried to cover up by saying, well there are comparisons between different players, he was like a player racing in to the net himself to recover my drop shot. He obviously wasn't expecting it. They don't actually refer to you as cuts of meat in so many words, they disguise their statements. Which is why I've never heard any of these debates? He knew he was caught. To be fair, he added, it isn't just tennis players who become commodities, the whole fashion industry is notorious for it. The complaints are common and numerous. Now I ask you, why would a fashion model take her clothes off unless she intended to make her career into one of a, let's say, escort? It just makes no logical sense.There's not many professional models in tennis, I said.

 Those who pose for Playboy and such, do it because they need the money. Most are just paid athletes. And yet they still expect to go to the Olympic games, even though they are paid professionals, he asked? Not that old one again. Those days are gone, I said. But the Olympic brand is an international brand, he continued

I suppose so, it was obvious really I thought. You could afford to give him a job cleaning the toilets at your stadium for $12 an hour. I don't own a stadium yet, I said. O.K. he said, I just wondered. I'd really like to talk about my machine. Your funny little software machine, I said, trying to sound mocking, but it was lost on him. That's right, he said, it has a mouse attachment. A mouse, I said, it sounds like a grandfather clock. A grandfather cookoo clock he replied, there aren't many of them around. Have you heard of he asked? No, I hadn't. I have copyrigh on it he said, and all the .com's. Really, I tried to look impressed, but he was sounding crazy again. Where was this going? It didn't take long. We have an assembly code joke, How to make fire with sticks, it was written by someone who calls himself bitstripper. He is a legend, but nobody knows who he is. And it is a funny joke I asked? Yes. more




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