"It all began in school. It was probaly when I was about 6, maybe less, and still not sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I loved to sing and one day I was singing along with my hairbrush in my hand dressed in my mother's clothes and high heels, with her lipstick and whipped cream all over my face when she came home from church unexpectedly, so I was "

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Re: Miami R3: [16] Cibulkova smokes Zheng 6-2, 6-0
country flag Chrono!  
country flag Tenis Srbija  I knew Domi would win...but 11 games in a row?
country flag Sombrerero loco  impressive scoreline in fact ^^
country flag GoofyDuck  Jie probably couldn't get a ball in court like vs Errani at AO


 Re: Serena Watching Grigor Dimitrov Match

country flag supergrunt 

country flag FedererBulgaria  good for her

country flag moodin0931 no he is def straight...

country flag Morrissey  I have heard rumours that Grigor is not straight he is gay. In fact, this could just be PR BS on Grigor's side. According to the rumours I heard he made a move on the French tennis player Jeremy Chardy last year. He also tried to kiss Gael Monfils on the lips at the US OPEN too.

country flag supergrunt 

country flag metamorpha  I don't think so. Tipsarevic and Gasquet look gayer than Dimitrov. But who knows? His cuteness is typical gay though...

faboozadoo15  One rough lookin Judy.

country flag Sylvester  Well, at least he has good taste

country flag Matt01 
You children don't know anything about life, let alone about homosexuality...

country flag ptkten  He may or may not be gay but I still can't believe that people use his kiss with Monfils at the US Open as evidence that he is gay

country flag ToopsTame  TFers think Grisha is gay because:
1) He is hot and they mistakenly believe they'd somehow have a chance with him if he were gay
2) He talks a lot about shopping and buying shoes on Facebook
3) He is hot
4) He is hot
5) Hot, he is

country flag V-MAC  Mods, move this to player forum.

country flag englando08  I love Grigor as much as anyone else, but his "kiss attempt" at Chardy and Monfils is because they are french and he is lives in France so he gives them the french greeting i suppose. I dont think hes gay. I wish he was, but I dont think he is. I bet Serena is putting it down on him though!!

country flag ComeOn_Serena  Serena want dat cake cake cake cake

country flag metamorpha 

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post

You children don't know anything about life, let alone about homosexuality...
I don't know much indeed but why so serious?

Dimitrov doesn't disappoint Serena though. He won.


What's your story, I say? Do you know the one about the three little pigs, he ask me? Sure. You like it, he ask? Yep. You in bed, yes I lied. You all tucked in? More or less I say. Good, well once upon these pigs had three houses. Was one of them a brick house, I asked him. It sure was he said, and one pig lived there all alone. Was he a big bad pig, I asked? No, you're thinking., he said. Sorry I txt him. Of the three billy goats gruff, he said. Oh. That's the one with the hairy troll in it, he said. Get on with it I txt him. Well. So there were these three houses on the monoply game, and the brick house was called Caesar's. There was a house made of the finest wook, called the Waldorf Salad, or Saladin's, and a house made out of hay bales, that the little boys weren't allowed to play in. Why not I asked. Um, because little pigs play with matches, and may accidentally start a fire he said. Good point, I  said. Anyway, the house made of straw represents the Microsoft operating system, he said. What sort of salad, did it have, I asked. You getting sleepy yet, he asked me? No. Good he said, well, probably a Chinese fried rice salad, anyway it's not important. Go on.

 not only do you not own the copyright to your own manual, you don't have mirror commands, which are installed in your software, you don't have an undelete, or an unformat, meaning you don't have delete, or format either, or copy, or xcopy, in fact you don't have anything, and not only that, your own Dos 5 was released on a Taiwanese platform a year before you released it, and NEC released their own version for teh asian market, a couple of days before you released in the USA.

That's fine said teh bad wolf, we're releasing something called Netscape, and it's a web browser, with a browser window, and a mouse. We have a mice too, said teh Microsoft piggies. Well we're taking you to court said the wolf, and because our web browser is written in JavaScript, for JavaScript, and because JavaScript is owned by Sun Microsystems, we have a court ruling from the California Court, saying you were involved with a scheme to monopolise teh internet, and you must now pay us 700 million bucks and stop distributing your illegal copy of our browser. We're, not doing it, said the pigs. 

 In the mean time, you don't got a mouse, or browser windows, or scroll bars or timing system in JavaScript, because I'm the Emperor, and I own Sun. Keep knocking but you can't come in, keep betting, and watch out for the sun rising in the east. Take a look at the map of france, if that is where we are. I'm not gaga, I'm completely sane. So the little pigs had a look.

So this pig was living in microsoft house, and a big bad wolf comes along and says, "if you don't hand over all your source code, company name, and profits, not only am I going to huff  and puff and blow your house down, I'm going to turn you into a cow, put a bale behind you back legs, and install some new software. The little microsoft pigs. I thought there was only one, I said. Yes but it was a bitch pig, he said, and it littered, and they inbred, so there quite a few now. Of course. You never will said the little piggies, and put their noses back into the feeding trough.So Mr Wolf said, well microosoft piggies,

What a lot of bullshit, said the Microsoft spokespiglawyer, Mr Charles Harrang. Anyway we don't care, and we're going to live in the Warldorf, on the pig's back, and we're releasing something called Internet Exploder, which will finally let computers talk to one another.

And we're leaving our web browser Warldorf house of sticks, and we're going to live in a brick house owned by our friend, Big Porky. So they went and knocked on the door of the brick house. There was a note on the door, which none of the piggies could read, because they were an illiterate bunch, which said, " Welcome to Julius Caesar's Casino. Be back at 1.00 oclock, I may be seven minutes late, according to your timing system, and will be another second later every day. 

They saw that they were completely surrounded by a huge brick wall, with a house inside it, and outside that, sticks, trees and a wall of sticks they were inside. In the centre was the pile of hay which had been their home. Quick, lets get out of here they said, but it was too late. They were in clink.

                       THE END    What do you think?  more?



Re: The 2012 Off Court Photos Thread (Photo Shoots/Parties/Sponsor Events etc.)

 carling    Venus is looking AMAZING!


 carling  Such a pretty girl with a bubbly personality...

Get your fucking teeth fixed, Sabine!

country flag pov  Her teeth are fine so how about: "Go get your fucking self a mannequin carling, obviously real humans don't quite do it for you."


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